Poetry is a choice.

A choice of interpretation. And somehow it manages to stay beautiful in every form that it takes and in every meaning that it is imparted.

Thus, I choose to start my work with a poem purposely left without a title. You are welcome to guess the theme as you read along. And kudos to you if you get it right !! And for the rest, the answer lies beneath ! So here it goes :


Amber roasted pods go in merrily

Crackling to the crusher’s tune

Vulnerable, break open candidly

Revealing their deep dark secrets true


A concoction savor’d by the mighty Gods

And that which the devil stealthily stole

Indulgence ! They call you, thou art

A flagrant fodder for the sinful soul


You lift ’em up in dismal times,

A fiery lover on chilly winter nights

Drenched in forlorn memories old

You spin untold tales of valiant knights


O’er Lengthy talks Of dreams and  ambitions

A silent witness of burning passion


You’ve seen it all and ignited it well

The spirit in Man , the zeal to excel

I believe most of you have run your imagination on varying fronts. And I would be glad to listen to your interpretations in the comments section. 🙂 

Anyway, here is the theme of the poem.